Visitor Distances


A post from the unofficial Facebook group on Sunday 14th January 2018:

Some valuable research today for Info Point Park Champions. We have two routes to send people from here to the Velodrome or Copper Box. One, we usually call the "quick" way, one the "nice" way.

Until now, we've never been able to quantify the two routes. Neal Glucksmann-Smith and Jenny Marshall were on a research mission this morning (radio call sign "Pink Splash"), and here are their results:

Lea Valley Velodrome

"Quick" way (this is back out to Westfield Avenue, right at the US Students building onto Olympic Park Avenue)

Distance: 0.96km, 2,463 steps, Time: 16:33 minutes

"Nice" way (Down to the Fountains, turn right over Mandeville Place, across Waterden Road and across Eastcross Bridge then left at Timber Lodge)

Distance: 1.11km, 2,777 steps, Time: 19:19 minutes

Copper Box Arena

It was then suggested that similar information about the two routes to/from the Copper Box from the Information Point would be useful, so out they set again, with the following results:

"Quick" way (back out to Westfield Avenue then along the pavement to the Copper Box Arena)

Distance: 1.3km, 1,844 steps, Time: 14:38 minutes

"Nice" way (Down to the Fountains, right and across Mandeville Place to Copper Box Arena)

Distance: 1.0km, 1,560 steps, Time: 12:00 minutes