... To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield ...
From ‘Ulysses’

Chosen by the public for its power and universal appeal, ‘Ulysses’, published in 1842, was the winning poem in a national campaign launched by BBC Radio 4 before the London 2012 Games. The aim was to find an inspirational text relevant to both the athletes and future residents to come.

Tennyson’s poem describes a restless hero, Ulysses, an ancient Greek explorer who after wandering the world is now only sustained by the idea of living life to the full, despite age or obstacle. The last verse of the poem was selected by a high-profile literary panel to be installed in the former Athletes’ Village as a powerful example of how language can encourage and inspire. Ulysses is now located directly outside a school, a fitting location for the legacy of such an inspirational poem.

This artwork is also known as “Winning Words”