The South Lawn/UCL East


During the 2012 Games, the South Lawn hosted eating and rest areas for visitors to the Park, including the Park's second temporary branch of McDonald's. It was also the point of entry to the main area of the Park for visitors using the West Ham "Greenway" entrance.

After the Games, the hard surface was removed and replaced with an irrigated grass surface, except for two areas of hard-standing that can support vehicles and heavy stages.

At 25,000m2, the South Lawn has been used for many large public events, including the Invictus Games, Rugby World Cup Fanzone, the Shell Eco Marathon and the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival. It has a capacity of 20,000 people. When not used for events, it was a quiet, open public space for picnics and for families to use.

Future of the South Lawn

The South Lawn and other areas to the South of the London Aquatics Centre will be developed by University College London for use as an extension and expansion of their existing teaching facilities.

It is expected that the designs will have a very mixed-use nature, with public spaces on the lower levels, leading to more concentrated academic levels higher up.

The design also takes into account the apparent movement of the sun during the day, with clear sightlines during sunrise and sunset, where public facilities like squares and cafés will make the most of these.