Cost of Your Words

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Peter Tudor, LLDC Director Park, Operations and Venues said:

"We are delighted that First Plinth: Public Art Award 2019 winner Fabio Lattanzi Antinori’s sculpture The Cost of Your Words has been installed at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford!

"Fabio won the First Plinth: Public Art Award in 2019 and was granted £10,000 to produce a large-scale sculpture for the sculpture terrace at Dora House, before moving to a second site at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. This is the first time The Royal Society of Sculptors has partnered with the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park to support the award and Fabio’s installation will be in place at this site for one year.

"Working across a range of mediums including sculpture, print and interactive installations, Fabio’s work attempts to provide an understanding of the process by which notions of power, belief and the perception of reality are being shaped and shared in the society at large. The Cost of Your Words explores how our online choices are influenced and curated by personalised algorithms, and invites the viewer to reflect on the kind of freedom we experience when talking about free access to information."

The text on the plaque reads:

"Antinori's sculpture visualises the cost per click of the most relevant online keywords geolocalised to East London.

The work refers to the way our online choices are influenced by personalised algorithms that use information collected about us to predict what we would like to see.

As the recipient of the Royal Society of Sculptors First Plinth Award 2019, Fabio created this piece for Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park."