Tessa Jowell Boulevard


Tessa Jowell Boulevard was created during the transition after the Games of 2012. (See also entry in Why Is It Called...?) It stretches between the South Lawn (now UCL East) in tge South and Diamond Bridge in the North, between Waterworks River and City Mill River on the site of Thornton Fields Carriage Sidings. (See here).

During the games, it formed a vital artery through the South of the Park, moving hundreds of thousands of people between venues and events.

After the games were completed, landscape architect James Corner - who designed New York's "The High Line" Park - created the concept of a linked series of "rooms" along the Boulevard, divided by high grasses and plants, each of which had different uses. One would be for play, one would be a water feature, one for performance art and so on.

The planting between rooms was a vital part of the concept. The design includes the addition of variety of trees and plants native to the local area, with planting and horticulture by Piet Oudolf, who also lent his design talents to The Highline.

Connecting the length of the Boulevard are perforated, illuminated spheres which lend a beautiful mystical quality to the area after dark. The Boulevard is also the location of the remaining 5 of the original 7 "windmills" in the Park.

Original Boulevard "rooms" design by James Corner