Spiegelei Junior


Conceived as both a sculptural work on the outside and a working observatory on the inside, Spiegelei Junior reflects and inverts the surrounding landscape using the simple technologies of the mirror and the lens. Inside, the camera obscura creates an immersive, 360-degree panoramic projection, illuminating the spherical interior with an upturned living image of the Park. The sphere also echoes with sounds from the outside world, transformed by the acoustics of the orbicular space.

Landscape, time, space and the cosmos are central to the practice of artist Jem Finer, whose work includes Longplayer, a 1,000-year-long musical composition, at Trinity Buoy Wharf in Tower Hamlets.

Spiegelei Junior’s larger relation, Spiegelei, a spherical camera obscura two metres in diameter, has also been on show at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

Spiegelei Junior was first commissioned as part of a series of temporary artworks to celebrate the Park’s reopening in September 2013. Three spheres were installed for eight months across the landscape. Owing to their popularity, one still remains on the Park, close to the Olympic Rings by the Velodrome.