Soundforms is an acoustic shell designed to create the ‘feel’ and ‘acoustic’ of a typical internal performance space on stage.

Soundforms allows musicians to hear themselves, previously unknown in external fabric performance environments. The shell is designed to project sound from the performers to the audience – allowing a clearer, louder and reverberant acoustic closer to the platform.

The shell has been designed to be portable, and to withstand varying degrees of weather systems. It has a semi inflatable skin, supported by an aluminium truss system. Suspended off the structure are a series of timber acoustic panels that provide the acoustic support for the performers.

In March 2012, the prototype was acoustically tested in the Docklands by Nicola Benedetti, and Charlie Siem from the London Philharmonic. The test was a great success and the shell was then selected by LOGOG for use in the Olympic Park, where it hosted almost continuous performances for the duration of both the Olympic and Paralympic games.

Link: Bartlett Architect's Soundforms is official Olympic Bandstand in the Olympic Park