Since 9/11


"Since 9/11" is a monumental 8.5 metres tall, 4 tonnes steel artwork created from girders recovered from Ground Zero following the terrorist attacks on New York on 11th September 2001. It has been erected as the beacon for the SINCE 9/11 Educational Programme ( This historic public artwork is both the largest piece of World Trade Centre steel outside of America and the only piece to be donated to a capital city.

It is located adjacent to the London Aquatics Centre, a short walk from the Information Point.


On 11th September 2001, 19 Al-Qaida terrorists hijacked four planes, crashing two of them into the iconic Twin Towers of New York's World Trade Centre. 2,977 people were killed during this atrocity, including 67 British citizens: the single biggest loss of life from a terror attack on British citizens. 9/11 changed the world we live in today. This artwork is intended to honour the past and look forwards to a better future.

The steel forming the artwork comes from the 71st-74th floors of the South Tower of the World Trade Centre, the second tower to be attacked and the first of the two to collapse.


The steel used in this artwork was recovered from Ground Zero by a special project team under the supervision of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) who owned the World Trade Centre.

In 2010, SINCE 9/11 (formerly the 9/11 London Project), a UK educational charity, successfully secured the steel as a gift for London. The steel was transported by sea from New York the following Spring and arrived in Liverpool from where it was transported to a storage facility in London. The steel was temporarily erected for the tenth anniversary in Battersea Park in September 2011.

The charity commissioned the New York artist Miya Ando, who volunteered her services. Ando transformed the rusty spandrel into a polished surface whilst leaving the remainder as recovered.

On March 17th 2015, the artwork was unveiled by Mayor of London, Boris Johnson at its permanent site at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The event also featured speeches by the US Ambassador, Admiral Lord West of Spithead and historian Simon Schama.

Artist Details

Miya Ando is an American artist who lives and works in New York. The foundation of Ando's work is the transformation of surfaces.

Artist Statement

'I have a deep appreciation for the dynamic properties of metal and its ability to reflect. Metal simultaneously conveys strength and permanence and yet in the same instant can appear delicate, fragile, luminous, soft, ethereal. The medium becomes both a contradiction and juxtaposition for expressing notions of evanescence, including ideas such as the transitory and ephemeral nature of all things, quietude and the underlying impermanence of everything."

My idea for 'Since 9/11' was to take a found object; a large piece of steel recovered from the Twin Towers and sand and re-finish a portion of the steel to reveal within the material a polished, light-reflecting mirror surface. The remainder of the steel was left in its natural, found, rusted state. The mirrored steel, 28 feet in the sky, reflects light back into the community'

SINCE 9/11 Education Programme

The SINCE 9/11 Educational Programme has been developed for the UK charity SINCE 9/11 by the UCL Institute of Education University of London. It is a free resource for UK Schools teaching young people about the events, causes and consequences of 9/11.

The aim of the charity is to attempt to ensure that through education that future atrocities like this can never occur again. The programme teaches tolerance and respect for all faiths and religions.

You can find out more about the SINCE 9/11 Education Programme at