Pre-2012 Industry


Introduction - This page is in its early stages of development. I have created individual pages for a dozen or so of the companies listed - more will be written shortly as I do more research.

This is most definitely not an exhaustive list of industries that occupied the Park site prior to its clearing and redevelopment, and I am very happy to hear suggestions for additions - drop me an email.

The majority of the industries listed here were located within the current Park boundaries, but one or two (like Bryant and May) that have a connection to the Park but are located outside its boundaries are included. Companies are listed in strict alphabetical order. So A. E. Symes Ltd appears under A, not S.

Locations - Many, if not all, of the roads and locations listed here have changed their position and/or route since the Park was redeveloped. Carpenters Road used to run further away from the railway line, for example, and Warton Road used to join Carpenters Road further up (see image below). Marshgate Lane seems to have changed route at the whim of local business requirements, and what we now call Clarnico Lane was originally the start of Waterden Road. A few locations no longer exist - Davey Road and the East Cross Centre were near where the Copper Box Arena now stands.

See the image at the very bottom of this page for a map of the area affected by the Compulsory Purchase Order enforced in 2007.

Original Routes of Carpenters Road and Warton Road

PG AE 24.jpg

View looking from the North, directly at the London Aquatics Centre site. As seen here, Carpenters Road

originally followed a straight line under the railway bridge and joined to the top of Warton Road roughly

where the LAC car park is now. Now, it turns right immediately after the bridge and follows the curve

of the railway line much more closely, and is not connected to Warton Road.

Also in this photo, the section of the route of the Channelsea River between Stratford High Street

and Greenway can be seen towards the top of the image.

Sources - A wide variety of sources have been used to generate this list. Examination of old maps (including some on the Historical and Current Maps page), the Grace's Guide web site has been invaluable for older companies, and the book "Dispersal: Picturing Urban Change in East London" has been useful for the later ones. The Edith's Streets blog and West Ham: Industries section of the British History Online web site were great start-points too. Very few of the images on this page, or any pages underneath it, were photographed by me, and copyright remains with their owners.

Links - Where I have been able to find photos or get a detailed chronology of the company in question, I have created individual pages for many of the entries below. Either click on the company name or the IconE.jpg icon at the end of the notes to view the pages.

Metropolitan Buildings Act, 1844


The rapid arrival of industry within the Lower Lea Valley during the second half of the 19th Century was

a direct result of the Metropolitan Buildings Act of 1844 which banned "noxious or dangerous businesses"

from operating within set distances of highways and houses. As the River Lea formed the boundary of

the Act's authority, it became the closest point to Central London where such businesses could be

freely operated.

This image, which describes the Act, is from the records of the House of Commons, 1876.

Pre-2012 Industry - Individual Companies
Company Location Dates Notes
A. Boake Roberts Carpenters Road 1908 Vigremont Chemical Works. Scene of a factory explosion in October 1947. IconE.jpg
A. E. Symes Ltd. Carpenters Road 1892-1976 Building and civil engineering contractor founded by Albert Eli Symes. Built the three blocks of flats - Dennison Point, Lund Point and James Riley Point - on the Carpenters Estate, South of the Park, in 1971. Taken over by Willmott Dixon in 1976.
A & S Trading Company Waterden Road 2001-2007 Harry West ran the rag trade waste and textile merchant, A&S Trading Company, set up by his grandfather in the forties by dismantling Anderson shelters. He moved to Stratford in 2001 but now trades from Epping and has weekly market stall in Hackney.
Adssiz Ltd Waterden Road 2003-2007 Net curtains
Alfred Jeffery & Co. Marshgate Lane 1879 Marine glues. IconE.jpg
Andy Latham Scenery Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1992-2007 Theatre stage scenery. Company is still running in Ashford, Kent, having moved due to the Park redevelopment in 2007. Web site:
Augustus Smith Marshgate Lane 1898-1962 Brush and mat manufacture
B R G Print Finishers Ltd Marshgate Lane 1996-2007 Print finishers, including foil blocking and laminating
Bedrock Crushing & Recycled Materials Ltd Marshgate Lane 1988-2007 Rubble recycling
Bilmerton Ltd Kings Yard 1991-2007 Wig Manufacture
Bow Power Station Pudding Mill 1902-1968 Power Station. This development occurred at a point when large scale generation was a new technology. Like a lot of the industry listed here, it was built close enough to London but outside metropolitan regulation. The seven acre site in the centre of Pudding Mill, South of the railway lines, was acquired by the Charing Cross and Strand Electricity Supply Company in 1902 using new parliamentary powers to build a new power station. Ownership changed throughout the following decades as the generating market was consolidated into a modern national electricity board by 1947. At the time of decommissioning in 1968 the plant operated at 48MW.
Bow Tyres Carpenters Road to 2007 Tyre retail
Bowden Glass Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1820s-2007 This company specialising in curved glass had been established on this site since before the 1820s but closed in 2007.
British Feeding Meals & Milk Products Carpenters Road 1929 Animal Foods
Brooke Bond Liebig Waterden Road Oxo Factory
Bryant and May Bow Matches manufacture IconE.jpg
Bywaters Ltd Marshgate Lane 1997-2007 Industrial waste recycling
Capital Dairy Co. Ltd. Carpenters Road 1993-2007 Wholesale milk distributor. Established in Bishopsgate, the dairy moved to Carpenters Rd in 1993 and then to Barking in 2007.
Carless, Capel and Leonard Hepscott Road Petrol IconE.jpg
Clarnico (Clarke, Nickolls & Coombes) Kings Yard 1872 Confectionary manufacture IconE.jpg
Club Le Print Ltd Kings Yard 1984-2007 Card and stationery printing. This printing business was established for twenty-three years in King’s Yard but moved out to Thurrock in 2007.
Curved Pressings Ltd Kings Yard to 2007 Vinyl record manufacture
D & C Glass and Glazing Kings Yard 1995-2007 Glass doors and partitions
Docklands Waste (Recycling) Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1989-2007
E S Group Ltd Marshgate Lane 1974-2007 Formerly "Edwin Shirley Staging" providing concert sets
East London Waterworks Company River Lea/
Waterworks River
1806 Mains water supplier IconE.jpg
Eddington Boneworks Pudding Mill
Excel Co. Carpenters Road 1917 Processed meat products
F. S. Moll Carpenters Road
F H Brundle Carpenters Road 1998-2007 Distributor of steel and construction-related materials
G. Johnson & Son Carpenters Road Channelsea Tallow Works
G. M. Judd & Bros. Carpenters Road 1908-1927 Match manufacturers
George Rice Warton Road
Goddard & Gibbs Studios Ltd. Cooks Road 2001-2007 Stained glass studio. Established in 1868, they did work for Westminster Abbey and the Chapel Royal at St James Palace before moving to Cooks Rd in 2001, but closed down in 2007.
H Forman & Son Marshgate Lane 1905 Smoked Fish. Formans were first established in the East End in 1905. They moved to Stratford in 2002 and moved again to Hackney Wick in 2006 when they were displaced.
Harringay Meat Traders Ltd. East Cross Centre Meat wholesale, kebabs
Hemingway Colour Works Marshgate Lane
Hiremasters Ltd. Marshgate Lane Building equipment hire
Ifield & Barrett (Roofing) Ltd Marshgate Lane Roofing contractors
J G Belts Ltd Marshgate Lane 1996-2007 Belt manufacture
J. Gliksten & Son Ltd. Carpenters Road Very large timber yard. Site eventually became Bow Industrial Estate, now known as Sweetwater and is the site of Park HQ IconE.jpg
J. J. Autos Carpenters Road 1997-2007 Waheed Rahman traded as J. J. Autos for ten years offering recycled spare car parts and repair work, until 2007 when he moved to South Woodford, but the cost of relocation caused his company to close in 2013.
James Palmer &. Co. Carpenters Road 1876-1939 Soap & candles
Jenson & Nicholson Carpenters Road 1871 Robbialac paints IconE.jpg
John Alderson & Sons Marshgate Lane 1870-1934 Rope manufacture
John Wilton & Sons Carpenters Road 1839-1896 Tallow works
Johnson's Saccharum Carpenters Road
L W Sait & Sons Waterden Road to 2007 Second-hand clothes
Lea Valley Distillery Carpenters Road
Leon and Charles Clerc Davey Road Pharos Chemical Works
Lesney Products Waterden Road 1947-1982 Toy manufacture - Matchbox IconE.jpg

YouTube videos:
Matchbox Toy Cars - How they are made (1965) - Pathé (1:59)
The Matchbox Car Story (16:05)

London Varnish & Enamel Co. Ltd. Carpenters Road 1886 Founded as "C. W. Schmidt (F. A. Glaeser) Ltd." Varnish & Japanese polish. IconE.jpg
Loos‚ Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1898-1937 Cocoa and chocolate manufacturer
Lucky (Wholesale) Company Waterden Road 2001-2007 Toys wholesale. Amerjeet & Gurdeep Singh ran the Lucky Wholesale Company, established by their father who worked as a door-to-door salesman in 1955 when he arrived from Delhi. Beginning in Shepherds Bush Market, they were in Aldgate East for thirty years, before moving to Straford in 2001. Before the Olympics, the brothers closed down the company and retired.
Martin Harris Carpenters Road
M R Printers Marshgate Lane Printing - mainly menus for restaurants
M. Laurier & Sons Ltd Marshgate Lane 1920-2007 Building site netting supplier
New Image Upholstery Waterden Road 1990s-2007 Custom furniture upholstery. Tim Bird ran the company with his wife Valerie since the mid-nineties but decided not to renew the lease due a rent increase at the time of the Olympics and they closed down the company.
Osman Sheepskin Wear Ltd East Cross Centre to 2007 Sheepskin Garments
Panache Outerwear Ltd. Marshgate Lane Garment manufacture
Parkes Galvanizing Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1950s-2007 Zinc-coating of metal objects. Established in Marshgate Kane in the 1950s but closed in 2007.
Parkesine Co. Wallis Road 1855 In 1855 Alexander Parkes produced a flexible, durable material called Parkesine from a mixture of chloroform and castor oil that led to the development of the first plastic, celluloid. Parkesine was displayed at the 1862 Great International Exhibition in London and the 1867 exhibition in Paris, receiving medals on both occasions.
Pentaluck Ltd Waterden Road 2001-2007 Wholesale dealers in Chinese vegetables, was established by Chin Check in Camberwell in 1991, moved to Waterden Rd in 2001 and then to Leyton in 2007.
Premier Works Patent Foods Waterden Road Fish meal factory
Priest Brothers Marshgate Lane 2000-2007 Custom furniture manufacturing. Established by his grandfather Ron Priest in the fifties in Bethnal Green, they relocated to Marshgate Lane in 2000 and moved to Chelmsford in 2007.
Retriever Ltd Waterden Road Meat wholesalers
Richards & King Marshgate Lane Heating equipment. In 1957, their range included "Leo" Oil Burning Space Heaters. For Room Heating, "Keroglow" and New Heater of Advanced Design. For Industrial Use, Leostat, Leomatic and Aqualeo.
Robinson, King & Co. Marshgate Lane 1898 Glassware & glazing
Royal Opera House Workshops Carpenters Road 1990s-2007 Production of sets for the Royal Opera House
S. H. Johnson Carpenters Road 1876 Machine tools, filtering equipment, pumps IconE.jpg
Samuel Banner & Co. Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1955-2007 Specialty chemicals - patented "White Spirit" as a turpentine replacement
Slater & Palmer Marshgate Lane 1882 Printing inks - became part of Usher-Walker c1950.
Smith Bros. Marshgate Lane
Smithfield Animal Products Trading Co. Marshgate Lane 1920 Animal Foods
Stratford Railway Works Great Eastern Road 1837-1963 Steam engines, wagons. IconE.jpg
Sortex Pudding Mill 1990s-2007 Sortex make machines for sorting items based at a factory within the centre of the Pudding Mill site, and relocated to Beckton after 2007. They operate a successful business and have continued to grow as part of the Bühler Group.
T. D. Scott & Co Marshgate Lane 1866-1906 The Crown Sulphur Works
T. H. Harris & Sons Marshgate Lane 1829-1952 Soap Makers, Tallow Melters and Bone Boilers. Established in 1829 by Thomas Horatio Harris and Edward William Lilley. 1914 Principals: Arthur Harris, Alec Samuel Harris, Booth Harris (jun.), and Leopold Harris (from 1911). The works covered nearly three acres, with 500 feet frontage to the City Mill.
Tarmac Ltd Carpenters Road to 2007 Mortar manufacture - offshoot of far larger site at Pudding Mill.
The Confectioners, Vegetable Colours & Fruit Essences Company Ltd. Carpenters Road Messina Works and Palermo Works
Tibbett and Britten Waterden Road Transport logistics
Tony Freail Display Services East Cross Centre to 2007 Retail window displays
Towler Engineering Works Carpenters Road
Tyrone Textiles Ltd Marshgate Lane 1978-2007 Founded in 1978, this family-owned wholesale cloth business was in Stratford for seventeen years before moving to Enfield in 2007.
UK Snacks Ltd. Waterden Road 2000-2007 Asian snacks
Usher-Walker Ltd. Marshgate Lane 1948-1954 Printing inks and rollers IconE.jpg
Van de Walls Marshgate Lane
W. Eddington Bone Works Marshgate Lane
W. J. Cearnes Carpenters Road 1917 Structural Engineers
W. J. Curley & Sons Tallow manufacture
W. West & Sons Marshgate Lane
Wanis Ltd Waterden Road Wholesale food distributor
Warrens Ltd Waterden Road 2003-2007 Industrial pipe supplier
William Davey's Imperial Tar Works Davey Road
William Ritchie & Son Carpenters Road 1864-1904 Jutespinners IconE.jpg
Wolsey Waterden Road Match factory, then cattle feed
Yardley of London Ltd. Carpenters Road 1770 Soap and perfume IconE.jpg

Young Bros Carpenters Road

Compulsory Purchase Order Area

Industry 1.jpg

2006 map of the general Park area, with the boundary (in red) of the compulsory purchase order within

which all properties were subject to purchase. Not all of these buildings were demolished, however.

This image was taken from Dispersal: Picturing Urban Change in East London