Photo Gallery - Park Transitions


These are galleries of photos of speciifc areas of Park development.

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, building work almost halted on the Park between the
end of March and the beginning of August 2020.

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Earliest and Latest Photos
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27th January 2019

PG Trans Pav 2019-01-27.jpg

1st June 2021

PG 2021 06 05.jpg

Pool Street West
4th December 2019

PG Trans PSW 2019-12-04.jpg

1st June 2021

PG 2021 06 06.jpg

Marshgate 1
7th November 2018

PG Trans M1 2018-11-07.jpg

1st June 2021

PG 2021 06 09.jpg

East Bank
25th January 2019

PG Trans EB 2019-01-25.jpg

1st June 2021

PG 2021 06 04.jpg

East Wick
Coming soon
Coming soon