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Until the Olympics and Paralympics of 2012 were finished, other than the narrow and very accessibility unfriendly pedestrian route across Old Ford Lock, there were no bridge connections between Fish Island and what we now call Sweetwater, on the Eastern bank of the Lea Navigation Canal.

Tower Hamlets Council produced a report in September 2012 entitled "Fish Island Area Action Plan 2012" which, among many other things, proposed two bridge crossings between Fish Island and Sweetwater.

Full Report, "Fish Island Area Action Plan 2012"

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The two new bridges connecting Fish Island and Sweetwater are items 7 and 8 in this plan.

Roach Road Bridge (H16)

Roach Road Bridge, otherwise known as H16 is designated as a footbridge, and was eventually installed in January 2019 after completion of the construction of the Bobby Moore Academy Primary School:

Monier Road Bridge (H14)

Monier Road Bridge, or Bridge H14, although designated as an "all modes bridge" within the Area Action Plan, was initially constructed as a foot and cycle bridge only. This was because the road structure supporting an "all modes" bridge would not be in place for several years.

The design of the final "all modes" bridge allowed for a central road with seperate pedestrian routes each side. It also allows for the central heating system provided by the energy centre to be routed across into Fish Island for the first time.

Monier Road Bridge Designs

PG H14 Design.jpg

Construction and Installation of H14 Bridge

The following gallery of photos documents the construction of the new H14 bridge in the car park of Park HQ, the assembly of the cranes used to move it across the canal and its final installation: