Open Folds


Open Folds is a large-scale artwork in two parts that wraps around the two power cable tunnel head buildings on Montfichet Road.

One artwork on the Eastern building has been created from dark anodised aluminium to increase its resistance to weather, while the other has a natural anodised silver finish. Punched-out holes form patterned lines that run horizontally across the artwork, representing an abstract interpretation of a landscape.

Simpson’s art practice focuses on linemaking. In creating Open Folds, he experimented with different ways of making lines before deciding to use a series of dots to create lines that still looked hand drawn.

Throughout the manufacturing process, Simpson wanted the artwork to retain this feeling of being handmade, and worked closely with the people who made it to explore different ways of punching the holes that would stay true to the qualities of the original drawings.

“The combined effect of the hole and the uneven deformation from the punched dimple gives the line a random quality. The metal starts to look more fluid and pliable, like an unpicked line of stitching in cloth.”
DJ Simpson

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