One Whirl


Local artist Martin Richman is the creator of two related artworks (See also Underwhirl), both of which use Park infrastructure. One Whirl is incorporated into the pedestrian part of Eastcross bridge over the River Lea. Made from recycled glass, the shapes are inspired by the flow of water in the Park and the energy of the London 2012 Games. Dynamic spirals texture the surface of the bridge directly contrasting with the practical function of the bridge.

For Richman, the spiral is a recurring motif across cultures, space and time. The revolving loops have a sense of both repetition and progression – an appropriate symbol for life’s journey of incremental change and growth. The bold graphic shapes enhance the familiar structure of the bridge, drawing attention to this space and altering its relationship to us.

“The graphic vitality of the spirals suggests the coiling and release of energy which athletes bring, and echoes the flow of water through the Park.”

Martin Richman