Moving Bridges



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Sustainability and recycling are very strong aspects of the design of the Park. This even extends to major infrastructure elements like bridges.

The two bridges over the River Lea that now form part of the cycling road circuit have seen several uses in several positions around the Park.

This is how the bridges look currently:

PG 2018 09 13.JPG

Bridge T07 2.jpg

Park Construction

During construction of the Park, both of these bridges were used around Stadium Island to help provide access for construction vehicles. This was before many of the current bridges were completed.

One was positioned over Carpenters Road Lock where Diamond Bridge is now, while the other was to the South of the Stadium, crossing City Mill River.

The image below shows these two locations, ringed in red:

Moving Bridges 1.jpg

During the Games of 2012

During the Games of 2012, one of the bridges was used to connect the Velopark with the temporary Riverbank Arena that was used for hockey...

Moving Bridges 2b.jpg

... while the other formed part of the Greenway route for pedestrians travelling to and from the Park from West Ham. It bridged Stratford High Street:

Moving Bridges 2a.jpg

Legacy Use

Their final positions are as bridges over the River Lea as part of the 1-mile road circuit at the Lea Valley Velopark. The northernmost (upper) bridge remained in its Games position and the southernmost (lower) bridge was moved from Stratford High Street to here:

Moving Bridges 3.jpg