Inter Alia


Artist Grenville Davey worked with local people and students from the Royal College of Art to develop an installation around the idea of ‘making your mark’. Davey chose to represent the hands of the many different people he worked with by creating abstract ‘fingerprints’ that disrupt the flat surface of a wall in the 2012 Gardens, as if many hands of different sizes had pressed their fingers into the wet concrete. Cast in aluminium bronze, these 61 individual markers can be found along a wall stretching over 90 metres. ‘Inter Alia’ means ‘among other things’.

During the workshops, Davey encouraged participants to think about what it might mean to leave a trace of your identity on a public space. Together, the groups explored casting personal objects in concrete, messages in bottles and leaving behind hand and finger prints.

“The work reflects a human presence in the form of a series of hand prints, cast in aluminium bronze at various scales. They are reminiscent of the finger in the icing, on an industrial scale.”

Grenville Davey