Info Point Story


The Information Point on the F10 Bridge held a special place in Park Champion volunteers’ hearts. From when we started running the mobility service from under a tent outside of it in 2014, to when we took over the running of it a year later, it was a spritual home for a lot of us.

It saw many changes over the years - external decoration, new ramps, air conditioning installed. This document attempts to record the building and our use of it over the 8 years that it existed.

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Chapter 1
2012 - 2014
Bridge F10 before the Info Point was installed
During the Games of 2012 and immediately after, the Info Point did not exist. It was installed during 2014 as the South Park unveiling completed the full re-opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the Games.

Chapter 2
Info Point - Early Days
Initally, after opening in 2014, the Information Point was manned by LLDC-employed contractors and the Park Champions ran a mobility service from a tent just outside. It was to be another year before we persuaded LLDC that we could run the Info Point as well. Here are some early images of the Info Point:

Chapter 3
Info Point - We Take Over!
The very first day that Park Champions looked after the Info Point was 20th April 2015. For the first few days, I and another duty manager were both around to make sure that things went well and any issues were dealt with. We just about coped - it was all very new!

Chapter 4
2016 - 2017
Settled in and working well
After the excitement of moving into the Info Point and a busy first Summer season, we settled very comfortably into our new home, taking on everything that could be thrown at us.

Chapter 5
2017 - 2019
Looking Pretty!
Having been painted plain black ever since its installation, LLDC decided to make the Info Point prettier and more inviting by applying colourful cladding, installing air conditioning and re-modelling the inside to provide a separate small office space. It was lovely! While it was done, we worked from the Aquatics Centre "Welcome Zone".

Chapter 6
2019 - 2021
Covid Lockdowns and Location Change!
Having been in the Info Point since 2015, we were to move into the new Pavilion building. More than a little sadness at the prospect as we had become very happy in our "posh garden shed".

Chapter 7
2021 - 2022
The Long Goodbye
Now we were installed in the Pavilion Info Point, the old building had to be removed to make way for the re-modelling of the F10 bridge as part of the East Bank landscaping works. It was not a quick process, sadly.

First, the ramp was broken up and removed then the colourful branding was taken off. Then the building needed to be split into two halves ready for transport off the Park very early in the morning on the 31st March 2022.

30th March 2022 - The building is split into two halves ready for transport

31st March 2022 - The building is lifted by crane onto flatbed trucks and removed.