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S. H. Johnson

Location: Carpenters Road


1876 - Company established.

1893 - Exhibited at the Chicago Exhibition. The catalogue entry reads: "148 Johnson & Co., S. H., Engineering IPtoAs, Carpenters Road, Stratford, London, E.C.; Franklin Square, and Cherry Street, New York (John Johnson <fc Co.). Air compressors, vortex mixers, filter presses, drying machine ; apparatus for leaching ores of gold and silver by treatment with chlorination or cyanide process, and for treatment of slimes ; oil filters; compressed air syren fog signals."

1914 - Who's Who in Business entry reads: "JOHNSON, S. H., & CO., Ltd., The Engineering Works, Carpenters Road, Stratford, London, E. Hours of Business: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Established in 1876 by Samuel Henry Johnson. Joined in partnership by Christopher Clarke Hutchinson (1883-1896). Incorporated as a Limited Company. Directors: Arthur Boake, F.C.S., of A. Boake, Roberts & Co., Ltd. (Chairman), Mrs. Samuel Henry Johnson., George Wilkins, F.C.A., and William Richard Buck, late H.M.'s C.S. (Secretary). Works Manager: George Irwin, M.I.C. The business was started for the purpose of supplying the want felt by Chemical Manufacturers of Engineering Works superintended by men who had a good chemical knowledge as well as a mastery of Constructive Engineering. Premises: Works and offices at above address cover ing about two acres. Specialities: Filtering Plant, including Filter Presses of all kinds for all branches of manufacture, Sludge Presses, Mining Machinery, Air Compressors and Blowers, Engines, Vacuum and other Pumps of every description, with Vortex Mixers, Jacketted Mixing Kettles, Montejus, Automatic Ejectors, and Automatic Forcing Rams, &c., &c. Have patented many inventions in connection with Filtering Machinery, Treatment of Ores, Hydraulic Machinery, Water - softening Plant, and Sewage Machinery, &c., &c. Connection: United Kingdom, Foreign, Colonial. Telephone: No. 363 East. Telegraphic and Cable Address: "Filtrum, Strat, London." Bankers: London County and Westminster Bank, Ltd. (Stratford, London, E.)."

1922 - Who's Who in Engineering entry reads: "JOHNSON, S. H. & Co., Ltd., Carpenter's Road, Stratford, London, E.15. T. A.: "Filtrum 'Phone, London." Established 1876. Manufactures.—Filter presses, sludge presses mining machinery, air compressors and blowers engines and vacuum pumps."

1926 - Exhibited at the National Coal Products, Chemical and Engineering Exhibition

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