Hopkins Field


Hopkins' Field was named after John Hopkins, one of the key architects of the Park landscaping. During the Games of 2012, it was the site of the temporary "Riverbank Arena" Hockey Stadium.

Since the Games, it has been landscaped as a large open space of some 15,000m2 suitable for large festivals, like the 2016 "Moondance" music festival, which had 10,000 visitors spread over six large marquees. It is licensed for events of up to 30,000 people.

Hopkins Field forms part of the East Wick community area where from 2017, housing will start to be developed.

Use in 2012

During the games of 2012, Hopkins Field was home to the temporary Riverbank Arena. This consisted of two temporary venues, one with a capacity of 15,000, one of 5,000.

During the Olympics, the main arena hosted the hockey tournament, with the smaller one being a warm-up venue, and during the Paralympics, both arenas were used for football 7-a-sde and 5-a-side competitions.

After the games, the venue, as a main arena and training pitch, was moved to Eton Manor to become part of the Lea Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre.