Floor Plaques


Throughout the Park are a number of plaques that describe an aspect of the Park. These are usually set into the ground, but one or two are mounted on surrounding features.

Here is a list of the plaques with details of their position and the inscription text. Is you find any plaques that are not in this list please let me know!

Click on the plaque images to see a larger version of that photo.

At the bottom of this page are pictures of some bonus floor plaques that are along Greenway.

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Floor Plaques
Plaque Site Inscription Text Image
Europe 2012 Gardens "From the dry steppes of central Europe to the lush hay meadows of lowland Britain, European grasslands were the source of Britain's earliest garden plants from the 14th century onwards, such as the Oxeye Daisy." Plaque13.jpg
Southern Hemisphere 2012 Gardens "The 19th-century expansion of the British Empire through Africa revealed high-altitude grasslands rich in colourful, flowering plants. These environments provide many of the exotic species found in British gardens, such as the Red Hot Poker" Plaque12.jpg
North America 2012 Gardens "The rolling plains of the 18th-century North American prairie stretched for more than a million square miles, and were the source of many of Britain's late Summer and Autumn flowering herbaceous plants, including the Aster" Plaque14.jpg
Asia 2012 Gardens "Victorian and 20th Century plant collectors enriched British gardens through their explorations of China and Japan's woodlands, mountains and meadows, bringing back exotic plants such as the magnificent Tiger Lily" Plaque11.jpg
London 2012 Gardens 2012 Gardens "These gardens contain a vast variety of plants from around the world including many that are extremely valuable for native wildlife as a source of food and shelter, adding richness and diversity to London's urban environment." Plaque36.jpg
Great British Gardens South Park, Mandeville Place "Rachel Read and Hannah Clegg were selected by the public to design the Royal Horticultural Society Great British Garden. It features an oak grown from an acorn of a tree planted by Baron de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games." Plaque10.jpg
Eton Manor Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre "This poem, written by the Poet Laureate in 2012, commemorates this site formerly known as "The Wilderness" which housed the sports ground of the Eton Manor Boys Club, founded at the beginning of the 20th century by old Etonians. Designed by Stephen Raw." Plaque01.jpg
Quercus rubra Lee Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre "Ackroyd & Harvey. A tree marks time through its yearly ring growth. The bronze ring held in the branches of this red oak tree is engraved with a record of this site's history." Plaque37.jpg
Responsibly sourced wood Lee Valley Velopark "100% of the wood used in the Olympic Park was sourced responsibly, including th Velodrome's Siberian pine track, which was designed to help cyclists break world records at the London 2012 Games." Plaque02.jpg
Gaskell's Fort Tumbling Bay playground, North Park "Gaskell's Fort. Andrew Gaskell (1974-2013) worked with passion, compassion and humour for over a decade to make the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and their legacy happen, and to create this new park for everyone." Plaque03.jpg
Planting North Park "More than 4,000 trees, 74,000 plants, 60,000 bulbs and 300,000 wetland plants were planted when the Olympic Park was created in one of the UK's largest ever planting projects." Plaque04.jpg
Frog Ponds Frog ponds, North Park "The Olympic Park frog ponds are shallow pools of water that create a fertile breeding habitat for amphibians to mate and lay their eggs. The gently sloping edges allow a range of native plants to grow, providing cover from predators." Plaque05.jpg
The Spark Catchers Knight's Bridge, West side "I was inspired by the history of the Bryant and May match factory, which still stands today in Bow, and the first trade union strikes led by Annie Besant." Plaque06.jpg
River Lea North Park, West side "Saxon England and Viking Danelaw were once divided by the River Lea, until King Alfred the Great blocked the river in 896, forcing the Viking Danes to abandon their boats and flee." Plaque07.jpg
Black Poplar Trees North Park, riverside, West "Fewer than 7,000 black poplar trees existed in the UK in 2009. Cuttings were taken from the Lea Valley to re-establish this native tree along riverbanks, providing food for many moth and butterfly caterpillars." Plaque08.jpg
Rain Gardens Wetlands "Rainwater from the Olympic Park paved surfaces is naturally filtered through wetlands and planted slopes known as rain gardens before reaching the River Lea, creating vital fish habitats for invertebrates and other species." Plaque09.jpg
Fast, Faster, Fastest Pleasure Gardens, South Park (Fountains) "After the London 2012 Games, visitors will be able to test their speed against Olympic and Paralympic champions by chasing lights as it flashes across this bridge and up the beacons which stand 100m apart." (1st of 2 plaques - see below) Plaque15.jpg
Fast, Faster, Fastest Stadium Island, West end of Bridge 1 "After the London 2012 Games, visitors will be able to test their speed against Olympic and Paralympic champions by chasing lights as it flashes across this bridge and up the beacons which stand 100m apart." (2nd of 2 plaques - see above) Plaque38.jpg
Run Copper Box Arena "Born to Run; First Run; Run, Run, Run; Run Devil Run; Dry Run" Plaque16.jpg
Clean Earth Eastcross Bridge, West side "Nearly 2,000,000 tonnes of soil were cleaned of the pollutants and reused to create the Olympic Park for the London 2012 Games." Plaque17.jpg
River Lea Old River Lea canalside by Carpenters Road Lock "The River Lea's navigability was restored during the creation of the Olympic Park through extensive dredging, removing 30,000 tonnes of silt, gravel and rubble, shopping trolleys, timber - and even a car." Plaque34.jpg
One Whirl Eastcross Footbridge "The graphic vitality of the spirals suggests the coiling and release of energy which athletes bring and echoes the flow of water through the Park." Plaque18.jpg
Underwhirl Foottunnel at far North of Park "The spirals suggest a coiling and release of energy, seeming suitable symbols for the Park's legacy shifting the experience of this tunnel by encouraging perception of a more unified space." Plaque19.jpg
Prehistoric Skeletons Thornton Bridge (H05) by Aquatics Centre "4 prehistoric skeletons were uncovered here during excavations for the London 2012 Games - evidence of communities that lived, fished and cooked by the River Lea 3,000 years ago" Plaque20.jpg
Fantasticology Wildflower Meadows, City Mill River "The Klassnik Corporation, Riitta Ikonen and We Made That. These wildflower meadows are planted to recreate the footprints of the industrial buildings that were here before the Olympic Park was developed" Plaque21.jpg
Since 9/11 by Miya Ando Since 9/11 "Commissioned by Since 9/11, an educational charity teaching students about the events, causes and consequences of 9/11, so that by living together in peace, harmony and tolerance, such events can never happen again. Created from steel columns recovered from the World Trade Centre at ground zero in New York City following the terrorist attacks on 11th September 2001. WTC steel donated to London by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. This artwork has been made possible by the support and generosity of Lord Stanley Fink, Harvey and Allison McGrath, Peter Rosengard, Lev Bukhman, Michael Aukett Architects, Skidmore Owings & Meryll, Mace Group, Carey Group plc, AW Lifting Ltd., City Lifting Ltd., Bell Pottinger, DP9, Gia Equation, Lee Warren Fabrication & Design Ltd., McGrath Bros (Waste Control) Ltd., MDM Props, Willerby Landscapes Ltd., Tophire Ltd., Spade Oak, S Walsh & Son Ltd., Bouygues E & S Infrastructure UK Ltd. and Zurch Insurance plc. With special thanks: London Legacy Development Corporation www.since911.com" Plaque22.jpg
9/11 Since 9/11 "On the 11th of September 2001, al-Qaeda terrorists flew hijacked aircraft into the North and South towers of the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. A fourth hijacked plane, heading toward Washington DC, crashed in Pennsylvania, as the passengers on board tried to overcome their hijackers. Through the actions of 19 hijackers, 2,977 people were killed, with victims from more than 90 countries. 67 came from the UK." Plaque23.jpg
The Artwork Since 9/11 "This artwork, called 'Since 9/11' was created using steel from the World Trade Centre donated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. Artist Miya Ando transformed this into a powerful symbol of the events, causes and their consequences, creating a place to directly confront the impact of those attacks and to reflect on how they have shaped all our lives." Plaque24.jpg
Education Programme Since 9/11 "This artwork was created as part of the education programme of Since 9/11, a UK charity. Our mission is to help teachers and young people understand the event, causes and consequences of 9/11 - we offer teaching resources and guidance developed by the UCL Institute of Education, as well as school visits and workshops delivered directly to students." Plaque25.jpg
Why at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park? Since 9/11 "The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were a powerful symbol of hope, peace and tolerance - the same values represented by Since 9/11. Today the Park receives visitors from all over the world and is situated in the heart of London's most diverse and dynamic communities, making it the artwork's natural home." Plaque26.jpg
Eton Manor Boys Club Lea Valley Hockey & Tennis Centre "Local boys played sports and learned new skills at Eton Manor Boys Club, whose grounds were once on this site. Boxer Nicky Gargano, bronze medallist in the 1956 Olympic Games, trained here." Plaque27.jpg
Fraxinum excelsior Greenway (By water treatment plant, Old Ford Lock) "A tree marks time through its yearly ring growth. The stainless steel ring held in the branches of this common ash tree is engraved with a record of this site's history" Plaque28.jpg
lfo spectrum Lea Valley Velodrome "lfo spectrum is an alternative representation of the Olympic Emblem with the five Olympic Rings transformed into an image of a low-frequency oscillation sound wave, which has been printed onto this fence" Plaque29.jpg
Carpenters Curve Monfitchet Road roundabout "This artwork is based on imagery of the waterworks surrounding the Park. Made from ceramic tiles, the work references the history of the site from the Bow Tile Factory to the history of the landscape and the canals." Plaque30.jpg
Brickfields Carpenters Road (by start of Loop road) "This artwork is an imagined future of the landscape surrounding the Park, allowing a glimpse of how the old industrial area has been regenerated and revitalised through planting" Plaque31.jpg|- style="vertical-align:top;"
Steles Stratford Waterfront "The large colourful monoliths that make up this artwork can be thought of either functionally, or as a scupltural statement. THey are made of the same material as navigational buoys, and chart the river's journey through the Park." Plaque32.jpg
Open Folds Carpenters Road/Loop Road "Using the landscape and industrial heritage as an influence, this artwork is made from holes punched into the aluminium panels, tracing hand drawn lines and creating an abstract reference to geography and topography." Plaque33.jpg
Mirror Labyrinth Victory Park, East Village "You are right here right now"
(Thanks to Di Russ for spotting this one)
Hopkins Field Hopkins Oak, North Park "This tree was planted in memory of John Charles Hopkins, who was responsible for the design and delivery of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park's landscape and public realm. His passion was that the Earth's precious finite natural resources might one day be conserved for our children and grandchildren. His memory and vision lives on in this park." Plaque39.jpgPlaque39a.jpg
The Right Hon. Baroness Tessa Jowell DBE Tessa Jowell Boulevard "The Right Hon. Baroness Tessa Jowell DBE made a decisive contribution to securing and delivering the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. This plaque was erected to recognise Tessa's efforts, her success in relation to the Games and to celebrate her life and achievements." Plaque40.jpg
Old Ford Water Recycling Plant Old Ford Water Recycling Plant "The Old Ford Water Recycling Plant was opened in 2011 as the largest treatment facility of its kind in the UK, cleaning water from Joseph Bazalgette's Northern Outfall Sewer for the gardens and toilets of the Olympic Park." Plaque41.jpg
Wetlands Wetlands "525 bird boxes, 150 bat boxes, 8 toadflax habitats for moths, 2 kingfisher nesting banks and 2 otter holts were integrated into the Olympic Park's design for the London 2012 games." Plaque42.jpg

Basketball Arena Under Eastcross Bridge "Temporary structures like the 12,000-capacity Basketball Arena reduced the carbon footprint of the London 2012 Games by using materials that could be reused and recycled." Plaque43.jpg

Carpenters Road Lock Eastern end of City Mill River Footbridge "Before Carpenters Road Lock was installed in the River Lea in the 1930s, London's East End regularly flooded. The lock's unique double vertical radial gates held back the tidal waters of the River Thames." Plaque44.jpg

Pindaric Ode for the London 2012 Olympic Games Carpenters Road Lock - Poppy Bank Pindaric Ode for the London 2012 Olympic Games

Behold this new Olympic torch, the flames

that first blazed forth at Greece's early dawn:

Now give a rousing welcome to these Games

on London's riverbanks reborn

Applaud as rival teams, in sport allied,

march in from the far corners of the Earth.

The poet now must emulate their stride

and craft an ode to sporting worth.

A countless throng of waters will observe

the dazzling relays of tyhe running-teams,

watch rival oarsmen straining every nerve,

and gymnasts on the balance-beams.

The crowds will view with wonder and delight

the rider urge her horse about and back,

the skilful archer draw his bowstring tight,

the lightning bolt around the track.

The drums will volley and the pipes play loud

as tales of victory are daily told;

the stands will echo to the cheering crowd

when victors raise the prize of gold.

Now welcome all to Britain's sea-girt land:

join London's Mayor and company within.

To all who striv may fortune lend a hand:

applaud, and let the Games begin!


Commissioned by Mayor of London Boris Johnaon

Composed by Armand D'Angour

Funded by private suppoprters and friends of the Classics

Winners in the Ancient Greek Olympic Games were honoured with songs called Victory Odes, and the greatest composer of such Odes was Pindar (c. 522-443 BC). The tradition was revived aty the Athens Olympics of 1896, and again in 2004 when the International Olympic Committee commissioned a new Ode from Armand D'Angour in Pindaric Greek. Mayor of London Boris Johnson subsequently commissioned a Greek Ode, printed here with the author's verse translation, for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Human Sundial Great British Gardens The grand-daddy of all the Park's floor plaques! Sited within the Great British Gardens, this large collection of plaques forms a human sundial. By using the inscriptions to stand in the right place for the date, the observer's own shadow points to the current time. Plaque99.jpg

Plaque Location Inscription
Plaque Green 1a.jpg Plaque Green 1b.jpg "Pudding Mill Lane"
Plaque Green 2a.jpg Plaque Green 2b.jpg "Marsh Gate Lane"
Plaque Green 3a.jpg Plaque Green 3b.jpg "Channel Sea River"
Plaque Green 4a1.jpg
Plaque Green 4a2.jpg
Plaque Green 4b.jpg Human Sundial
Plaque Green 5.jpg At most Green Way intersections
with roads and paths.
"Green Way"