East Village


During the Games of 2012, East Village was the Athletes' Village, where some 17,300 athletes and officials lived. It was built on a 27 hectare (67 acre) plot of land and in addition to the permanent structures, the developers added two temporary buildings: a 17,000 square metres (180,000 sq ft) food hall, which was open 24 hours a day, capable of catering for 5,500 athletes at a time; and an entertainment hall of 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft), providing Video games for the athletes use and a communal rest space, plus a non-alcoholic bar. The village also included a plaza, where athletes were able to meet with friends and family. During the games[1] It was the hub of the Games for the Athletes and provided all their living, eating and socialising requirements.

Now, after a two-year conversion process, it has 2,818 apartments housing some 6,000 people. 30 businesses have settled into the village, including restaurants, bakeries, shops and service companies. A regular craft market is also held.

As part of the sustainability effort, the buildings have "green roofs" where wild plants are allowed to grow free from human interference, and which form a sanctuary for wildlife at roof level.

Chobham Academy

Chobham Academy, a hugely successful new school for pupils aged 3-18 and with an outstanding OFSTED rating, is situated on the Eastern edge of the village.

Use as Athletes' Village in 2012