Clouds Bridge


Artists: Oscar Bauer & Nazareno Crea
Link(s): Oscar and Ewan

Inspired by the vast expanses of sky that can be seen over the Park, design students Oscar Bauer and Nazareno Crea created an artwork that aimed to give the locals back their skyline, during a period of intense construction. It is situated just outside the Park and forms the walls of Angel Lane Bridge, opposite the Theatre Royal Stratford East.

A complicated laser cut stencil was used to give a pixellated effect and different paints were tested on the concrete. Bauer and Crea developed the winning design as part of a competition organised with the Royal College of Art and supported by artist Richard Wentworth.

A grid of almost 30,000 squares reflects the geometry of the East Village residential blocks behind. From a distance, the intricate grid reveals cloud patterns painted against an optimistic blue sky.